After enduring  the mediocrity and disappointment that comes with being a spurs fan of the 90′s and early 00′s, Alex has come to life in the form of the last minute winner…both through the website and spectacular Bale goals.

A creative force in midfield and this blog, the former Sports Statistician will take on the subtleties and delicacies that govern the game we love…or in actuality every member of the opposing team before inevitably losing the ball.

Link to all of Alex’s Articles HERE.



Our resident referee and coach, this Southampton tragic truly was a lone wolf growing up in the wilderness that comes with his chosen footballing path.

Now that Kristian is unleashed on Last Minute Winner expect to see Le Tissier, 35 yard scorcher inspired content – or to put it more realistically, a rare and often unheard viewpoint that comes with being often the only apple in a bunch of bananas.

Link to all of Kristian’s Articles HERE.


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