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Football Cynics

“Coppinger puts it into an empty net! And Doncaster have won promotion to the Championship!” James Coppinger vs Brentford 27th April 2013

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Griffin Park to see newly promoted Brentford take on Birmingham; a good family friend was visiting the UK for the weekend and wanted to take the time watch a proper English football match. As a Norwich fan, the timing was terrible. The game conflicted […]

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Officiating the Game Part III – Collective Responsibility

We need to shift away from an autocratic system of officiating, and aim for a collective responsibility approach to eradicate cheating. How can we create incentives for footballers to play the game honestly?

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“With just 20 seconds left, Dennis Bergkamp, 2-1!” – Dennis Bergkamp vs Argentina 1998 World Cup

As a new Premier League season goes into its third week and the summer dies a quick death, let us pause and reflect just once more on what a fantastic World Cup we were treated to in Brazil. Aside from the impeccable job the stadium cameramen did once more in picking out a bevvy of foreign beauties […]

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Of Heroes and Villains: A Tale of Caution

Our love of the theatre that is football sees a seemingly inevitable tendency to cast players into the roles of heroes and villains on the basis of far more than their performances within the game itself. Introducing new transfer – Kishan Koria, who joins LMW with a spectacular debut performance.

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