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The Magic Has Gone: What Have We Learned From Tom Riddle? (Harry Potter)

Oppression for over three centuries has fostered a cultural environment for change that was exploited by Tom Riddle and his Death Eater Movement. Is it time for reforms to the International Statue of Secrecy?

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The Non-Celebration

The expressive power of the non-celebration is akin to the silent press conference. In other words, if you want to make headlines don’t celebrate your goal. The attention grabbing power of the non-celebration is absurdly paradoxical. In downplaying the goal, the player creates an enormous spectacle.

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On the Nature of the Press Conference

It’s rehearsed, predictable and laughably uninformative – to such a degree that it is fascinating as a cultural phenomenon. Why does an institution that so dismally fails to accomplish its objective endure with such vigour? Sanibel Chai joins the site with her take on the failure of the Press Conference.

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Futbol Na Swit Salone: A Retrospective on football during two brief months in Sierra Leone

“Salone is a land of few opportunities, and when one happened to appear, even if just a glimmer, one had to make all effort to grab at it, to attack it, to cling to any fleeting glimmer that it could be more.”

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