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Of Heroes and Villains: A Tale of Caution

Our love of the theatre that is football sees a seemingly inevitable tendency to cast players into the roles of heroes and villains on the basis of far more than their performances within the game itself. Introducing new transfer – Kishan Koria, who joins LMW with a spectacular debut performance.

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Punditry Extra: Map, Territory, and Russell Brand

Poor punditry opinion and analysis can have a dangerous impact on chairman, managerial, and player decision making processes in a social media fueled football community

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The Fence

There is an alarming tendency to polarise as many issues as we can and as quickly as possible. We need the option to stay on the fence.

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Please. No More FA Cup Replays.

The FA Cup Replay statistically limits underdog teams from lower tiers advancing to later rounds, denying us what we love most about the competition. Upsets.

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