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Maybe you should consider voting for Corbyn

I implore people at the very least to register with Labour now, even if you are undecided whether to vote for the leadership.

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Three Cockeyed Optimists: The Vandelay, Varnsen, and Pennypacker Story (Seinfeld)

This is the story of three cockeyed optimists – Arthur ‘Art’ Vandelay, H.E. Pennypacker, and Kel Varnsen. Men who got caught up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue.

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The Magic Has Gone: What Have We Learned From Tom Riddle? (Harry Potter)

Oppression for over three centuries has fostered a cultural environment for change that was exploited by Tom Riddle and his Death Eater Movement. Is it time for reforms to the International Statue of Secrecy?

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The Non-Celebration

The expressive power of the non-celebration is akin to the silent press conference. In other words, if you want to make headlines don’t celebrate your goal. The attention grabbing power of the non-celebration is absurdly paradoxical. In downplaying the goal, the player creates an enormous spectacle.

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